Monday, June 23, 2014

iPhone Siri can make calls on your behalf. Your personal assistant can help you a lot with your gadget. It understands your voice commands and can call your friends or family members asking Siri to dial the right number. Setup Siri and make calls with ease.

Here is how to use Siri to call contacts list. This instruction is simple and quick. Follow it one time and you’ll remember what to do in the future. This the easiest way of communication via iDevice and you can manage it right now.

How to Use Siri to Make Calls

Step 1. In order to make a call you should first decide whether you need to do this by person’s name or relationship. This option is to be best used while you are driving when you need to make a hands free phone call.

Step 2. Calls from iPhone via Siri are impossible without launching your personal assistant so, please, click-hold your Home button on the handset. This will activate your assistant.

Step 3. Once Siri is activated you can ask it to place a call. How should you pronounce your phrase? Use clear English and say “Call bro,” “Call dad”, “Call mom” etc.

Step 4. Siri should place your call. If there are two phone numbers in your contact it will ask which one to use.

Of course you need to also make the relationship to explain Siri who is who. For example, tell the program that “Ann Dustin is my mom” but, please, pronounce the name clearly as it is listed in your contacts. The program will remember it because you confirm this relationship.

You now know how to use Siri to call someone next to you or who is far away. There is nothing difficult. Enjoy this guide and make Siri your best friend.


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